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WWE Raw Live Stream Anytime the Undertaker is on the card, he will be one of the biggest scheduled draws. Teaming with Roman Reigns against Shane McMahon and Drew McIntyre means this match likely takes place late in the card. It could even be the main event, which would be a twist considering that spot is usually reserved for

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championship matches. However, because of how beloved Taker still is with the WWE Universe, I doubt there would be widespread complaints if the No Holds Barred match is last. WWE Raw Live Stream
The mixed tag-team title match has been a bit of a messy story, in my opinion, but Becky Lynch remains one of the hottest stars in the industry. Thus this match will still have its share of love from fans. It seems almost impossible to think that Corbin and Lacey Evans will go over, but we’ll see. WWE Raw Live Stream

It’s hard to imagine that happening and it not causing some sort of mutiny from the fanbase.

Kofi Kingston and The New Day
Is the momentum behind Kofi Kingston beginning to slow down? Perhaps. In any case, Kingston and The New Day, who are also set to compete, will be a featured attraction in Philly. Kingston vs. Samoa Joe could be a great match, but also keep your eyes on the triple-threat Smackdown Tag-Team title match between Daniel Bryan and Rowan vs. The New Day vs. Heavy Machinery. WWE Raw Live Stream

These three teams have had great chemistry on recent episodes of Smackdown, and the different variations of matches have been excellent. My hopes are high for this one.

Heyman and Bischoff WWE Raw Live Stream
Since being appointed the men in charge of Raw and Smackdown, Paul Heyman has been visible on his red brand show, but we haven’t seen Eric Bischoff. Perhaps Extreme Rules is the show where the two icons will come face to face, and that could be the ignition of their inevitable adversarial element. That angle could invigorate the overall WWE product, and if that happens, Extreme Rules 2019 could be a must-see pay-per-view. WWE Raw Live Stream

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